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Sacred Thread Ceremony Photographer | Houston

Shreya's Events hired me to capture photos of their Event Upanayanam (Sacred Thread ceremony) at the GSH Event Center in Houston. The day arrived and I was raring to go – I always love seeing the beauty and splendor of Hindu and Indian ceremonies! We started outdoors capturing photos of the family members that had assembled for the big day. Then afterward it was on to the big event inside the GSH Event Center

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The ceremony unfolded gracefully on the stage within the GSH Event Center, nestled beneath a meticulously mandap. The ambiance was adorned with an abundance of flowers and vibrant pikok, colorful drapes, creating a visually captivating setting. The attendees, resplendent in their exquisite saris and traditional Indian attire, added to the joyous atmosphere.

My camera scarcely had a moment of respite as I diligently captured every facet of the ceremony, immortalizing not only the rituals but also the heartfelt moments shared among the gathering of family and friends. Young Advaith, the star of the day, exhibited remarkable resilience and enthusiasm, his face beaming with smiles and laughter as he embraced the sacred proceedings unfolding around him.

Following the ceremony, a delightful banana leaf lunch was served, bringing together family and friends to revel in the joyous occasion. The festivities continued well into the evening, with the entire family relishing the celebrations and creating lasting memories together.

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