Houston Headshot Photographer

A modern, professional headshot is priceless! But are you not cut out for it? Perhaps it’s time to rethink. One great profile photo can change your life and business. NOW is the time to make the right impression and cut through the competition.

At VJPIC, we have the required experience and expertise, from our competent photographers to the best industry stylists and creatives. We will project your one-of-kind image to the world through our professional modeling shoots that help you make a bold statement and move you closer to achieving your goal.

Cinematic Headshot


Our corporate sessions are designed for teams that need a consistent look and feel for their brand. We have studios in Houston and are just as happy to set up at a location of your choice. 

Schedule and Timeline

Due to demand, our team tends to be booked 1-2 months in advance.  

If you are booking a session with us, check your schedule for the following month to see if we would be right for you.  

Please give us 48 hours or less to respond; we are busy, but we care.